This is the most popular and famous Vrijdagborrel website..

The Concept

Our exclusive concept is aimed at people who come for a drink after working hours in sociable yet attractive and stylish surroundings.

To give more excitement, uniqueness and glamour to the Vrijdagborrel, it is organized only once a month and every time at a secret and always changing location.

The locations

The locations are carefully selected to meet our high quality standards, such as : uniqueness, good accessibility, sufficient parking and availability of bar & catering services.


At the Vrijdagborrel music is a basic element to set the right atmosphere during the evening and the artists fulfill an important role in doing so. With nice music at the background, our guests have the opportunity to socialize while enjoying a drink and a bite. Later in the evening the DJ will gradually take over leading the Vrijdagborrel into a massive and great party at which one off course can dance the night away !

Door policy

Our door policy is very strict for a very good reason. We want to keep the Vrijdagborrel a unique and exclusive party. In principle everyone can subscribe to our guest file. However since it is not possible to check each and every subscription to our guest file, we retain the right to refuse entry to any person at the door.

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